I Deliverr offers wine and beer on tap to people from London

Years ago, it was normal to have the milkman visit on your doorstep every morning and exchange your empty bottles for fresh milk.

Kenneth Stuart, from London, does something similar – yet entirely different.

Upon request, he delivers wine and local craft beer on tap to people’s doorsteps.

I Rum Delivery launched in January by the 31-year-old former wine buyer and his wife, Lydia.

“I’ve been speaking about wine on tap for several years now, because of the sustainable side of it,” said Kenneth.

“It’s a more environmentally-friendly way of enjoying wine. We supply four wines at the moment and two local craft beers.”

I Deliverr offer wine and beer on tap to grab a bottle to enjoy at home.

“A lot of pubs are closing down, and Lydia and I wanted to bring a little bit back to London.

“We want to make it easily accessible to people as I wanted to get it into rural areas as well as London. It gets people discussing and creates a social hub” said Kenneth.

In the future, he would like to see an I Deliverr network, offering the service in delis, farm shops and butchers.

“So far, people are loving the idea,” he said. “We just need to get more businesses to sign up.”

Customers can order online, via their website or app and social media platforms, with people within a 15-mile radius of London receiving home delivery services.

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